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Café Cadde (Susan)

Café Cadde offers a breakfast buffet with classic Turkish items and a few special additions.

Presentation – The presentation of the buffet is very nice; we especially appreciated the display of diverse breads, including brown breads and simits.
Taste – Great! I love the sunflowerseed simits, menemen, the wide variety of cold cuts and cheese on offer, and their curry chicken salad. They also have some nice desserts. However, I did not like their made-to-order omlettes, which I found to be dry, and one time we had some very bad fruit juice (it tasted like it had gone bad). Overall, I would say that the variety of items make up for any which are lacking in quality.
Freshness – As buffets go—where food is by definition sitting out for an extended period—freshness is adequately maintained.
Variety – They offer mozzarella and tomato salad and a curry chicken salad, which I have not seen at other locations, in addition to traditional Turkish items like Kisir (bulghur salad) and gozleme (Turkish cheese pancake).
Price – Appropriate for the items and "breakfast experience" on offer.


Located on Bagdat Caddesi a few blocks from Marks and Spencer. One of the advantages of Café Cadde is that after breakfast you can walk outside and you are on Bagdat Caddesi, which is a nice area for walking and shopping and is just a short walk from the Marmara shore.
Physical place – Tables are large and comfortable, and it is a clean environment.
Aesthetic – Aesthetic is standard, calming wood and thick fabrics, and is characterized indistinctive muted colors.
Service – Variable; sometimes servers are very attentive with refilling tea glasses and clearing plates, however they often seem busy with too many tables, or uninterested in really serving you. Mabeyne's service is much superior!
Crowd – Trendy, rich , Cadde crowd, which can be somewhat annoying to observe….
Transportation – Very easy to reach by dolmus from the Asian side of Istanbul.


- I would call Café Cadde a place for a good standard Turkish breakfast with a few unique items that make it a nice treat. It doesn't have the unique and delicious menu items of Mabeyne, but it provides a few treats that leave variety-seekers like me happy!

Pleasure/Price: 7/10

Bottomline: 8/10

Bağdat Cad. No:375 Erenköy/İSTANBUL
Tel: 0 216 302 76 24
Fax: 0216 411 47 56

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